I am never telling you everything

My name is Meg. Six years ago I was taken out of prison and forced by a covert unit of the government to be an assassin. Three years ago I escaped and have been hunted ever since. I update this blog to let them know I'm still here, still watching television. I was the first recruit to get out. I'm going to make certain I'm not the last. I like to keep it real and tell it like it is.

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Where do you live? I live in MA and all the snow is gone

Northern Michigan. The snow was mostly gone. LIke just banks and stuff left to melt…but we’re getting 15 inches tomorrow…or so they’re predicting

and i’m 1000000000% done. 

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Washington DC cherry blossoms by Bill Holmes

ugh i can’t believe i’m missing spring in dc

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I'm not hurting the planet, I'm not hurting other people, I'm not hurting animals and I'm not hurting n a t u r e.

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