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My name is Meg. Six years ago I was taken out of prison and forced by a covert unit of the government to be an assassin. Three years ago I escaped and have been hunted ever since. I update this blog to let them know I'm still here, still watching television. I was the first recruit to get out. I'm going to make certain I'm not the last. I like to keep it real and tell it like it is.

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some things are starting to make sense and there’s a cloud that is being lifted

actual coherent thought is still off in the distance but i do believe there’s a motive¬†

Ziva knows Tony can break her and tear down her walls and make her open up when she doesn’t want to and that interferes with her ability to seek Revenge and keep her eye on the end game…McGee can’t do that…not at all..he can’t make her talk or open up or notice when she’s off…he can be a friend, but he can’t read her eyes and know there’s a different storm brewing like Tony does…

I just wish it was handled a bit differently…McGee maybe not so snarky. Ziva maybe saying not now, but soon. But I guess that wouldn’t be so dramatic and we are watching a drama.¬†

And I do believe there will definitely be some clarity in the next several episodes…