I try to be drunk and serene
Late twenty-something, likely too old for this place. Don't care.
I have a golden retriever and two cats who will make several appearances.
I watch a lot of television. I can often be found dancing to the beat in my head, usually in front of reflective surfaces. I travel and eat and run half marathons. And combining all three is my favorite thing in the world.

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"If you can finish every day with maybe three victories for a character, when you’re doing episodic, if you can hit at least three victories, that’s really nice."

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make me choose: tvfanatic asked fighting caskett or snuggling caskett

Caskett alphabet.

       Inspired by x.

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"Oh, right. Legs. Sorry."

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AU: In which Kate thinks she’s sick, but Lanie helps her to uncover the truth: She’s actually pregnant. - Requested by Anon.

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Favorite Caskett moments/episodes in Season 4

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