I try to be drunk and serene

Late twenty-something, likely too old for this place. Don't care.
I have a golden retriever and two cats who will make several appearances.
I watch a lot of television. I travel and eat and run half marathons. And combining all three is my favorite thing in the world.

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I’m not a probie, Tony. I have been in a few of these situations.

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Ziva David in 11x02 “Past, Present, and Future”

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Acceptable scenarios for Ziva’s return


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never forget

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In order on the TV guide tonight

"Shipping Wars"
“Inside New York’s New Ninja Restaurant”
“Shalom Show & The Jewish Jesus”

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l saw it! They had these terrorists.
— Half the movies today are about terrorists.
No, no, no. And they took over this bus, and it starred that actress with the name like an animal.
A cow! No, ox! No, it’s not that.
— Bullock.
A Bull! Bullock! Sandra Bullock!

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